In the database of WritingPro you can describe your project in detail and share your research datasets, data collection and data analysis methods with other researchers in the field. Besides you can upload frequently asked questions that you know a correct answer about and share interesting references on writing process research.

Data repository

In the data repository you can share a dataset in three different ways:

  • Private: the data will be distributed via you personally after you grant a request (e-mail, ftp, ..), so you do not upload them in the database.
  • Semi-open: the data will be available after you have granted a request of another researcher.
  • Open: the data will be public for everyone.

You can share your data easilly in 4 steps (see the pdf for an example pdf:

  • Provide project details
  • Provide a reference that researchers need to include in their paper if they publish results based on your data
  • Provide meta-information about the project
  • Upload the documents: your data will not be automatically transferred to the website. The data will be confirmed by the administrator of WritingPro.

Data collection

In the data collection section you can upload various types of collection methods:

  • Scenarios/Best practises
  • Settings
  • Check lists
  • Complexity of methods
  • Technical aspects

Data analysis

In the data analysis section you can upload various types of data analysis:

  • Data preparation
  • Transfer
  • Statistical analysis
  • Graphical representations
  • Case studies


The FAQ section will be mainly updated by researchers of the Logging tools. If you have received an answer to your question about one of the logging tools, you can of course upload a new FAQ yourself.


In the literature section you can upload full references in APA-style:


In the presentations section you can upload

  • powerpoint slides
  • presentation notes
  • handouts
  • video recordings
  • ...
This facilitates easy and fast access to new research. Furthermore, we strive to present presentations of keynote speakers that provide an overview of a topic in the field. So, please invite also other presenters if you are organising a conference, symposium or workshop in the field.