WritingPro: knowledge center for writing process research

The focus of the Knowledge Center is on writing process research.
The main aim of this website is to:

  • bring together expertise
  • share expertise
  • develop expertise
  • make expertise more visible
  • establish writing research methods

Use the knowledge center

You can easily start using the knowledge center in two steps:

  1. Login
    Become a member of the knowledge center by creating a login. You can now administrate your project. You change your project and personal information at all times.
    How to create a login... a 1-minute video.
  2. Search & Share
    You can now search for information and upload your own project details, so other researchers know what your field of expertise is.
    How to share knowledge... a 4-minute video


Search & Share

The website has two navigation panes: on the left side search knowledge and on the right side share knowledge.

You can search & share:

  1. Detailed project descriptions in the data repository
    You can describe your research projects in detail. This will enable other researchers to find datasets that can be of interest of your own research. Some research questions can easily be answered using existing data.
    E.g. a researcher is conducting research on typing errors and is looking for various text types in English and French, then he can search the database for researchers who are gathering or have gathered writing process data in those two languages (for other purposes).
  2. Research methods in the data collection
    You can describe your research method in greater detail than it would be possible in journal articles. Furthermore, you can upload questionnaires, checklists, scenarios, etc.
    E.g. various researchers use a questionnaire in which they ask questions about writing strategies and writing styles.
  3. Analyzing techniques in data analysis
    Writing process data are very laborious to analyze and it would be helpful if various types of approaches to data analysis (e.g. spreadsheets with formulas to calculate certain behavior indicators) could be shared so that basic steps can be replicated easily by other researchers. This will also create more uniformity in the way that, for instance, specific key stroke logging and eye tracking variables are defined.
  4. Frequently Asked Questions about keystroke logging programs
    You can add answers to questions that you and other researchers frequenlty need to answer. From now on you refer researchers to WritingPro for the answer.
  5. Literature
    You can add new articles, books, book chapters etc. on writing process research.
  6. Presentations
    You can add specific presentations to the WritingPro knowledge center. We welcome presentations that provide an overview of a certain topic in the field.
    E.g. the presentations of John Hayes and Ron Kellogg at the Sig Writing 2012 conference in Porto will be made available at the website: both powerpoint and video. You can already watch a keynote by David Galbraith on the theory of writing processes.